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Operator Membership Nomination Form

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The TMCA is always looking for new members to join our organization, and we would love to have your help in helping us find new TMCA members! If you know of an operator that would be a good fit for the TMCA, please fill out the form below. All operator members must be approved by the board. Additionally, we require our operator members to have a satisfactory safety rating. You can find the safety rating of any operator by clicking the button below:

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Top 10 Membership Benefits

  • Networking opportunities with Motor Coach Operators and Travel Professionals
    • The TMCA Conference and Marketplace is hosted annually. This multi-day event connects Operator Buyers, Tour Planners, Tour Receptive, Service Specialist, Product Professionals, Attractions, CVB’s, DMO’s, Lodging, Restaurants, and other Travel Associations across the United States to help promote growth and success in all areas of business.
  • Membership Benefits and Discount Programs for Members
    • Receive a discount on MVR’s and Criminal reports for drivers, plus no set-up fee through Insurance Information Exchange TMCA Program
    • AMBEST discounted Fuel program
    • Fleet One discounted Fuel program
    • Discounted website advertisements
  • Company listing in the Online TMCA Membership Directory
  • Promotion on TMCA Facebook page
  • FREE listing on TMCA Website, to include Hyperlink to your company’s website.
  • Advocating Legislation that impacts Motorcoach Industry.
  • Continuing education programs for staff, drivers and mechanics, pertaining to Federal regulations, drug testing, logging, driver training programs, engine, and more.
  • Someone that keeps you apprised on changes in Federal rules and offers help and support with these changes.
  • Annual Tennessee Motor Coach Association Marketplace and Convention.
  • Affordable Advertisement Opportunities available through online Membership Directory and TMCA Website.

Member Testimonials

The TMCA has helped me grow my business and network with others in my industry.

TMCA Member #1

I don’t know what I would do without the TMCA’s support and guidance.

TMCA Member #2

The TMCA helped me create successful business partnerships.

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