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The TMCA offers two different membership types, one for Motor Coach Operators and another for Vendors who represent industry related vendors such as hotels, motels, attractions, restaurants, visitor bureaus, receptive tour operators, motor coach manufacturers, parts manufacturers, tire and lubricant suppliers, insurance agencies, and maintenance product suppliers to name a few. Operators will be required to supply specific documentation to become an Operator Member. Associate memberships do not require as much information but will still need approval by the TMCA Board.

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Membership Benefits

Networking opportunities with Motor Coach Operators and Travel Professionals

  • The TMCA Conference and Marketplace is hosted annually. This multi-day event connects Operator Buyers, Tour Planners, Tour Receptive, Service Specialist, Product Professionals, Attractions, CVB’s, DMO’s, Lodging, Restaurants, and other Travel Associations across the United States to help promote growth and success in all areas of business.
  • Receive a discount on MVR’s and Criminal reports for drivers, plus no set-up fee through Insurance Information Exchange TMCA Program
  • AMBEST discounted Fuel program
  • Fleet One discounted Fuel program
  • Membership Benefits and Discount Programs
  • Company listing in the Online TMCA Membership Directory
  • Promotion on TMCA Facebook page
  • Advocating Legislation that impacts Motorcoach Industry
  • Continuing education programs for staff, drivers and mechanics, pertaining to Federal regulations, drug testing, logging, driver training programs, engine, and more
  • Provide information on changes in Federal rules and offers help and support with these changes.
  • Affordable Advertisement Opportunities available through online Membership Directory and TMCA Website