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Tennessee Motor Coach Association is accepting membership for Operating Members and Associate Members. Our Membership year begins July 1 through June 30. Members must meet the requirements as stated in the TMCA bylaws.


Requirements for Operating Members:
Any person, firm, corporation, or business venture of any form owning and/or operating one or more motorcoaches (as defined by the FMCSA) with domiciled office with in the State of Tennessee for at least one year with the purpose of transporting passengers being that it is for hire on charters, tours or sightseeing services can apply for membership in the TMCA.

They must complete and submit an Operator’s Application along with the following documents:

1. Endorsement for Public Liability Insurance Form MCS-90B
2. A current Certificate of Insurance naming the TMCA as “Certificate Holder”.
3. Copy of DOT number issued by the FMCSA – (A screen print from is acceptable)
4. Copy of operating authority (A screen print from is acceptable)
5. Copy of most recent DOT rating of “Satisfactory or Conditional”
6. Current UCR receipt
7. Current IFTA registration
8. A signed acknowledgement of code of ethics
9. A letter of recommendation from a current TMCA operator member in good standing.
Exception to part 5: If an applicant is not rated, they must submit FMCSA verification of their “Passed” Entry Level Inspection.

Applicants must return all required documents with payment of $275 to the TMCA office.Once all requirements are met the Board of Directors will meet and vote of applicant approval. With membership our members receive listing in the TMCA Director, listing on the TMCA Web Page, Newsletters, TMCA certificate, TMCA Decals, information packages and a reliable network of experience and help across Tennessee from other Operating Members.

Requirements for Affiliated Operator Members:
In August of 2001 the TMCA Board of Director voted to accept application from Operators from the 8 states bordering Tennessee as Affiliated Operator members. These members must meet the same requirement and supply the required documentation that the Tennessee Operators provide. Affiliated Operators received the same benefits as the Tennessee operators, with the exception of their individual states legislative issue. They may attend all functions, seminars and activities that are held for the Operators. In 2009 our Affiliated Operator Member category has been extended to all states other than Tennessee.
Affiliated Operator Members must submit and meet all requirements listed above.

Requirements for Associate Members: Membership Year July 1 – June 30
Associate Members: any person, firm, trade association, partnership or corporation who supplies Services for the betterment and benefit to the regular members of the TMCA is eligible to become an Associate Member.

Applicants must complete the Associations application and return to the Association Office with membership dues . Membership due are $275 per year for one listing – additional listing may be added for $25 per listing.
Example- Hotel Group has 3 hotels – They will pay $275 for company’s listing. Then they can list each hotel for $25 per listing for a total of $350.00 With each membership Associates will receive a listing in the TMCA directory, list on the TMCA web site , membership plaque and decal , advertising logo , newsletters, and a opportunity to attend the TMCA Convention. Registration fees for convention is not included. Our Operating members appreciate our Associate members and make all efforts to patronize them as much as possible , but it may take a couple of years for Associate members to see results since tours may be booked years in advance.
All applications for membership must be approved by the TMCA Board of Directors and the Association will only accept (8) Associate Members for each Operating Member.

Requirements for Tour Professional Member:
Any Tour Company located in Tennessee or Affiliated Operators state, specializing in tours utilizing motorcoaches can be recommended by one of the TMCA Motorcoach Operators for membership in this category. They must maintain a business licenses, proper tour insurance and have been in business for at least 2 years. Membership dues, 2 letters of recommendation, copy of business license and insurance must accompany application and must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Click on the below links for membership applications.

Associate Membership Application (Attractions, CVB’s, Lodging, Restaurants, Sales, Services & Receptive)

Motorcoach Operator (In Tennessee or any other state) (Call the TMCA office and ask about specials)

Tour Professional (Plans, books and sales Motorcoach travel but does not own a coach-But uses a TMCA Coach member)